Monday, October 17, 2011

Myanmar, Oct 17 Day 2: Rickshaw Ride

29er size bicycle wheels are what powered me around through the slums of Yangon today. Not that I doubted this was a poor area, but what we saw really opened my eyes to the amount of poverty in this area. There is very little that the Burmese people can do for money, despite all of the natural resources in the area. The cyclone came 3 years ago and even further decimated any remaining wealth that these people had. So the poorest people (about 10 million) live in the swamp across the river in bamboo huts. Today we took a ferry across the river, and bargained our rate for a Rickshaw bike ride, although I felt more like a miniature Robin... with my ruthless driver.

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  1. Hey Jules-- finally stopped by your blog...looks like you're on an amazing journey. Great pics too ;) keep up the good work. ---KT