Monday, October 17, 2011

Myanmar, Oct 16 Day 1: ROCKSTAR/Black Market

If anyone ever wants to understand what it is a movie start experiences, travel to an Asian country---they love the foreigner with the unusual blond hair and blue eyes!!!! I had forgotten about this from my last visits, but quickly resorted back to my old ways of playing with those who like to stare at me. I just stare back and smile or wave :) It is a great way to break the ice and look like the goofy gorilla foreigner that I am. When I arrived at the hotel in Yangon, I asked the bellman to show me around the hotel compound (as it is quite large and one of the nicer hotels that I have stayed at) he told me that there were "famous Burmese" at the hotel. I nodded, and he showed me their wedding.... in turn the main organizer for the wedding--INVITED me to their wedding!!!! it was incredible!!! I have many pictures of this ceremony but this one below sticks out most in my mind of a good representation.(yes, most of the men here wear the traditional dress.... aka a long cloth skirt!!!)

The biggest most unbelievable thing to me here is the currency exchange problem. The government mandates that all things through them are paid in US dollars, however the local currency is Kyat. It is illegal for foriengers to get kyat, in fact there are really no banks here, so you have to walk around the street looking for a money changer. I made friends with the bellboys at the hotel (after the wedding experience) and they walked me to the "best" money changer.

Bellman showing me a picture of the famous Ayan San peacemaker
My new friends

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