Saturday, November 12, 2011

Paddleboard surfing

Finally I learned how to stand up and paddle on the board! Way more difficult than it try to ride a wave!
The fisherman are doing the Burmese version also... :)

I love the beach and this new crazy sport called "paddle board surfing! It is so fun!  A great combo of kyaking and surfing! The board is more stable since it is wider, but much harder to turn as it is bigger than the average surf board.

I managed to actually catch and ride a couple of waves on my second day. However, I also managed to fall on a seaweed farmer's stake and the reef break-- so both my back and butt are bruised and tore up! Not much difference from my average mountain biking season.  I am not sure if I would enjoy the adventure of the sport as much if my knees were not full of cuts and scars :)

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