Friday, October 14, 2011

Thailand: Floods in Asia

Hi All, so this crazy post is in Thailand! Yes, I cannot read a lick of the links so I am just pressing every button in hopes that it allows me to place a blog, so bear with me. I also am under a time crunch as I am going to go help pack sandbags and volunteer for flood efforts today, so I am writing as FAST as I can :) and not with proper grammar.

Thailand and Cambodia are flooding! The worst floods in 50 years! The government is mandating sand bags be placed in every tourist location so that we are "safe" from walking in knee deep water. Shops are actually building solid cement walls in preparation for the water as it creeps closer to them.   Every thing is actually flooding as we went to ride on the boat canals yesterday and then when we got back the water had come up to the sidewalk by a whole foot and a half!!!  I worry more about Cambodia as other tourists have told tales of Ankor Wat in waist deep water! AND the Capital City has asked for international aid (as seen on the BBC). It is such a poor country, unlike Thailand, so those people and the tourist economy will take years to recover from this-as it is the worst rainy season in 50 years. The place that I wanted to go chill out in for a few days so I could get out of Bangkok, is under 3-4 meters of water. nuts. buses and trains are not running...

HA- Since I cannot go anywhere else, as I leave for Burma on Sunday, but I am enjoying my time here. I have met a few other Americans and spent time walking around Bangkok and visiting temples. It is really beautiful, and Buddhism is based around making everything beautiful. The City has canals and waterways weaving throughout it, so I also spent a lot of time traveling by boat to these places, but after you see three temples they all start to look very similar.

Had the coolest adventures yesterday... went to the Spa De Fish! You stick your feet into a fish tank and these tiny little silver fish eat the dead skin, grime and fungus off of your feet! It was awesome, and my feet never felt more baby soft. BUT during the time the fish were feeding I could not stop laughing as it felt like electrodes were pluggin my feet and tickling it! it was amazing, and so weird all at the same time.

The monks walk around barefoot, and it just about makes me want to gag how dirty the streets are.

My love to you all.


  1. I'm sure the fish loved your feet. But I know I would like to do that too! Maybe we can open one in the US? Stay strong! They need you in Bangkok!!!!! MOM

    Hi Julia I love your blog-both earthy and informative. Thanks for the pictures-itbrings your words to life for me. You also such a good soul to help with the flooding. I am glad that you head out to Burma soon, love Dad

  2. I've heard about those fish! What a crazy/cool experience. I'm so proud to hear you volunteered to protect the city against the flooding. I'm starting to pack my bags in preparation for my November visit so I forget as few things as possible. I just bought a pair of keens - I'm on my way to join you in our dorky traveler apparel :) Love you! Suzanne