Monday, October 17, 2011

Thailand, Bangkok: Helping with flood relief

over 500 bags containing relief items were put together and bottle water was rounded up
cutting up medicine to disperse into bags

diarrhea and iodine packages
I was able to help with the flood relief efforts! It was awesome! A friend of Edd's, named Adrian lives in Thailand. Adrian's workplace had organized through facebook a rally of donations and funds for the flood victims. The Thai people at this organization expressed dissatisfaction with the Thai governments efforts for the people so they decided to step in and help. They had gone to the flooded providence the previous week and saw the areas under 4 meters of water! From their experiences they decided to step in and raise money to buy the necessary relief items.  Each bag contained water, dried squid/dried fish, tomato fish soup cans, candles, lighter, toilet paper, medicines, bug coils, soap, pedealyte type mix, and a couple other items that I cannot remember--but all of the items was well thought out.

It was hilarious/ironic to me that one of my jobs for the day was to cut up portions of the anti-bacterial diarrhea medicine and place them into bags!!! as I am always the first one to turn to the fun little pills!

I left for Burma/Myanmar the following day, but the group was borrowing trucks to bring up the bags that day.

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